Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Goats!

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and considered not getting up to check the goats. I was so tired and I've decided Mariah obviously didn't get bred first time around. But I put my work coat on over my p.j.s, grabbed my flashlight and headed for the barn. In Bluesky's stall was a just born kid, still covered in slime and struggling for it's first breath. I ran to the house to rouse my husband. "Get up, get up, she's having them", I shouted. At the barn he picked up the newborn, checking to see the sex. "it's a buck" he said trying not to sound disappointed. We dipped his navel and gave him a squirt of goat energy, and returned to the house to make coffee and wait for the next one to be born. Our Anatolian Shepherd, Turk, was acting protective, regarding us cautiously with small warning growls to which we responded with a loud "knock it off". I waited for the coffee to drip, grabbed a cup and headed back to the barn. By this time the little buck was joined by a slightly smaller twin. I couldn't wait to find out so I entered the stall and lifted the slimy baby only to find that it was another buck. After tending to the new twins and making sure they had their first drinks of colostrum, we chuckled, wouldn't you know our anxiously awaited kids after many years since we last raised goats would be bucks. Still, we are thankful and satisfied to see two large healthy boys snuggled up with their proud mom.

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