Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where does the time go?

This is the story of my life. I promised myself to update this blog at least weekly but that didn't last long. This time of year there are never enough hours in the day. There are so many things I want to do. I've been making a batch of goat milk soap every day off from work to sell at a festival at the local winery on June 26th so I'm getting down to the deadline. I've ordered some ingredients to try goat milk lotion. I can't wait to see how that works out. I've been weeding, weeding, and weeding the flower and vegetable gardens. We've started milking our yearling goat Mariah once a day since her single doe can't keep up with the milk and on the other side Bluesky is barely able to keep up with her two bucks who are growing at an amazing speed. She will be going to live with my friend Susan when they are able to be weaned so I'll have at least one registered Saanen buck kid for sale if you are interested.

Today I went on our annual field trip for the ladies of our church to the Bluebird Nursery in Clarkson Nebraska. It great to laugh and visit with the ladies as we shared gardening tips and dreams for our own flower and vegetable gardens. We were honored to be able to take Miss Lyda Jane with us since we took the church's wheelchair accessible van. She is one of the residents of the local nursing home that attends Faith Family Baptist. It was a long day for her and she was tired but happy as we returned her to the home with her new bird feeder and flowers. Most of my purchases were herbs but I did manage to stick a few flowers in the cart with them.

I'm adding a picture of our little bunnies. The are the first litters of our meat rabbits. My husband will take over caring them once they are weaned so I don 't get too attached to them. He was the one, however, that brought a little smokey gray baby in the house to our grandchildren, suggested we name him Shadow, and asked them if they thought they could talk their parents into letting them keep him for a pet. Sometimes I wonder just who the soft hearted one really is.

This week I'll be making freeze ahead meals and steam cleaning may carpet getting ready for house guests later this month. Mother's day weekend will be spent taking a trip to the Pella Tulip Festival in Pella Iowa with my mother, daughter and grandchildren. Next week I'll try to post some beautiful pictures of our trip. Happy Mother's Day! Terri Donnelly

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  1. Update when it works for you. Sounds like you have been busy lately. Do you sell your soap?