Thursday, April 1, 2010

Great day at Beulah Land today. A glorious 80 degrees! There's rain expected for tomorrow so instead of waiting until Good Friday to plant potatoes my husband is out planting them today. Last years potatoes were snowed in the root cellar at my daughter's house all winter so we have 500 pounds left. Yesterday we cut some of them up for seed. I also planted snow peas, lettuce, and spinach. The garden was the last place the snow left.

The farrier came this morning to trim the horses hoofs. We were unable to get to them to trim all winter so Alfie and Danny who have been foundered were really in need. The dogs loved the hooves which are their favorite treat. It's always good to visit with Craig and catching up with his life.

Later this afternoon I was able to trim the rose bushes and some dead plants from the flower gardens. The roses all survived which was a benefit of the heavy blanket of snow all winter. It's great to see the farm coming alive.

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