Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yarrow Time

This is the time of year that Yarrow plants are blooming. Yarrow has medicinal properties that make a great healing salve. It can be used to stop bleeding, reduce swelling, heal cuts, and bruises. Putting a small amount of salve on a tissue and putting in the nostril helps to stop a nosebleed.
These are the steps to take to make your own salve.
1. Once the plant blooms either tear or cut the foliage and flowers into one inch pieces.
2. Fill a jar to the top with Yarrow pieces.
3. Pour olive oil over the yarrow to the top of the jar.
4. Set the jar in a sunny place for six weeks.
5. Strain the oil with Yarrow through a cheesecloth and squeeze out all of the oil.
6. Melt bees wax and mix at 1 part wax to 3 parts oil.
7. Pour into jars.
Next time I'll tell you another tip for using herbs and flowers.