Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting Attached

It's been over a year since we decided to try our hand at raising meat rabbits for our own use. We brought home three Californian does and a New Zealand Buck. I had my qualms about starting this project again as our first effort over twenty years ago had a less than satisfactory end. In my effort to not get attached to the furry critters, I spent less time in their care than was needed and our efforts were abandoned. This time my husband told me to spend my time loving on the moms and dad and he would take care of the babies. You know what they say about the best laid plans. My husband is a pastor and many nights and mornings when it was time to do the chores he was called away and most of the bunny chores were left to me.

Our first litter produced a little gray rabbit that was different than any of the others. My husband promptly pick him up and pronounced him "Shadow" and perfect for a pet for our grandchildren. Eventually we realized the kids never got the cage they needed to take Shadow home and as he grew he was moved to a private cage to be kept as a pet. We now realize Shadow is a female and will become one of our mothers next spring.

As Shadows litter mates grew larger and the dreaded date approached, three new litters arrived. In one of these litters was the smallest little rabbit you have ever seen. He was about one fourth the size of his brothers and sisters. His little back bone stuck out and each morning my husband would announce that he had made it through the night but surely would live another day. As the days went by the little white bunny which we named "Mini" continued to grow and each day we picked him up and cuddled him at feeding time. We were both wondering what excuse we could possibly come up with to keep this bunny when my husband announced he though this would be the perfect pet for other set of grandchildren. Amazingly enough Mini is almost as big as his litter mates and there has been no indication that he will be leaving the farm. I wonder if he will be a new mother or father next spring?

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  1. I feel for you, I totally understand how you feel. I don't like the kill and if hubby wont do it then it wont get done. And i told him he better not let them squeal or we are finished. Thank God he is very good at it, i can slit the throat and clean them with no problem. I am not fond of the taste, baked or fried, we like to grind it with bacon and make burgers "sorry"